Evolution of the 59FIFTY


In the 1950s, New Era’s pioneering spirit crafted the legendary 1950 fitted cap and a revolution followed. A revolution in style. A revolution in colour; and what began as a uniform for sport – became a symbol for self-expression.

What began 100 years ago with a passion for workmanship, craftsmanship and partnership is now a cultural icon. One brand understands that one size never fits all. That diversity is our legacy. A legacy that lives in every single cap. One brands relentless focus on design, quality and innovation created a global phenomenon.

In 1954 the 59FIFTY fitted silhouette was born, giving the classic baseball cap a more contemporary look. It was also known more informally as the ‘Brooklyn Style’ cap.

In the 1980s, New Era experimented with direct marketing and ran an advertisement in ‘The Sporting News’ offering professional fitted baseball caps to anyone who sent in a cheque or money order for $12.99. The response was overwhelming and helped shape the demand in fan driven licensing across North America. A phone call from Spike Lee in 1994 changed the course of the fitted cap forever. He requested an unthinkable red New York Yankees cap and when his request was granted by current CEO, Chris Koch,

The 59FIFTY cap was propelled to the forefront of the street culture fashion. Since this time, the 59FIFTY has grown into an iconic symbol across the globe.