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The Chiefs win the Super Bowl!

Good things do come in threes. After such an intense match against the Eagles and the gaps between their wins now getting smaller, could they be the team to watch out for next season? .

New Era Cap NFL Super Bowl


All eyes were definitely on them last night at Le Grand Rex. The iconic Parisian movie theatre was once again the hotspot for the Super Bowl Party after massive success last year, proving that this annual event in partnership with the NFL, New Era and beIN SPORTS may soon become a staple for European NFL fans.

With over two thousand fans in team headwear chanting and hoping their team brought home the win, there was never a dull or quiet moment.

Classic Americana was the heart of the event, from the music to the cuisine; opening with a bang, the tailgate party had fans immersed in the popular pregame tradition before kick-off sparked fiery emotions, having everyone at the edge of their seats, anticipation boiling over. Only the halftime show could cool things down with the long-awaited comeback of a prominent artist as the headliner and the iconic commercial segments to get everyone excited.


The heat was back on in the second half, with the Chiefs and the Eagles bringing their all for the final stretch. Alas, only one could be victorious, with the Chiefs becoming the Super Bowl LVII Champions.

The Super Bowl may have left some feeling disheartened, however; Le Grand Rex saw camaraderie and celebrations at its zenith, with fans already anticipating next year's Super Bowl Party.