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Our pinnacle silhouette and the originator of the true-fitted baseball cap. Shop from our wide range of fitted hats from teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA, and more. At New Era, you'll be able to find a fit for every occasion, with 59FIFTY low profile and retro-crown fitted caps available in a variety of colours. Our fitted hats come in black, blue, grey, brown, green, pink, and red colourways. If you're struggling to find your fit, you can use our 59FIFTY fitted cap size guide.

Making its on-field debut in 1954, our 59FIFTY fitted baseball caps have earned their status as one of the most iconic and identifiable headwear designs of all time. Originally worn by baseball’s biggest stars in the sport’s most celebrated stadiums, 59FIFTY baseball caps remain the official cap of MLB but have also become a mainstay of modern streetwear fashion and culture.

Though New Era has designed and manufactured baseball caps since the 1930s, when they provided the Cleveland Guardians with their home and road designs, it wasn’t until the 1950s that we introduced the modern 59FIFTY. Over the next three decades, the number of baseball teams wearing New Era designs continued to grow. By the early 1980s, New Era supplied caps to every team in the league.

In 1986, fitted baseball caps were made available to the general public. For the first time, sports fans could wear the same baseball caps as their sporting heroes. The move kick-started a fashion movement that would eventually transcend both baseball and streetwear to become a cultural icon in its own right.

Worn by sports fans, hip hop royalty and film directors alike, 59FIFTY fitted baseball caps enable anyone and everyone to express both their individuality and a sense of communal allegiance. Thanks to the 59FIFTY, the Yankees’ ‘NY’ logo has become shorthand for the city itself, while members of the Raider Nation can identify one another no matter where they are in the world. At the same time, the wide range of styles available, from the true fitted to the low-profile and retro-crown, means all 59FIFTY fitted baseball caps can be worn to fit individual style – whether that be repping a flat or curved visor or wearing it backwards.

The 59FIFTY range encompasses baseball caps for men and women, as well as kid’s baseball caps. Though the cap remains true to the original 59FIFTY, the design has gone through some significant changes. The leather sweatband has been phased out in favour of cotton. New, high-performance materials have been adopted and contrast undervisors are increasingly common. However, the 59FIFTY still boasts its famous, flat visor that can be curved to the wearer’s preferred shape and many fans insist that fitted comfort is far superior to that of any adjustable design.

The 59FIFTY is renowned for its versatility. Worn on-field, in the streets and in the great outdoors, it blends performance-oriented design and stand-out style. It’s regularly worn in conjunction with New Era tees, jackets and hoodies, but is also the perfect finishing touch to any outfit you own. From the Yankee Stadium bleachers to summer festivals, our fitted baseball caps help you create your own unique look.

As 59FIFTY fitted baseball caps continue to cement their place as one of the most influential contemporary headwear designs, the style is constantly refreshed and updated due to collaborations with contemporary artists, brands, innovators and fabric specialists. From projects with Jay-Z’s Paper Planes clothing label to eco-friendly Repreve® caps made with recycled fibre, New Era is pushing fitted baseball caps in exciting new directions, without ever forgetting what made the 59FIFTY so special in the first place.

Our fitted baseball caps can be shipped to locations across the UK and Europe. For more detail, visit our shipping information page.